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Devildom Escape

The story is about a ten years old boy, Tom. One night, tom was brought to a horrible strange world
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21 October 2007

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Many of us have seen fantasy movies set up in imaginary worlds that can be as endearing as Harry Potter studying in the mythical magical school of Hogwarts or Middle Earth displayed in Lord of Rings trilogy or simply the Jurassic Park that shows the imagination and creativity in Hollywood that is capitalized to the fullest through the medium of movies. Computer games too are being built on such premises and many a time, these games form the inspiration behind massive successes like Resident Evil movies and Lara Croft films. Such motion pictures display a larger than life premises and situations that the inhabitants deal with heroism and courage. A game set up on similar lines called Devildom Escape 1.1 proves to be an enhanced utility to play in the exciting world of Devildom.

Devildom Escape consists of interesting and vivid looking interface with vibrant graphics that spark curiosity and interest in the minds of the players. Dark background and mysterious surroundings ensure a gripping and long lasting effect on the player in exploring the Devildom. The story revolves around Tom, a 10 year old boy who finds himself in a strange world by the means of a bizarre medium that was found in his garden. The challenge lies in player’s ability to decide the destiny of Tom and see whether he is able to escape this strange land and experience the gritting incidents. The player needs to follow the hints and traces on the interface and pick up the tools available by drag and drop facility to utilize its features and usages to escape the land successfully.

To conclude, Devildom Escape 1.1 definitely provides suitable scope for adventure seekers to go through this different experience and hence it scores a rating of four points for its impressive performance.

Publisher's description

The story is about a ten years old boy, Tom. One night, tom was brought to a horrible strange world by a weird credence which he found in his garden, what will his fate will be like? Can he get out of the devildom successfully? Experience the game yourself!
Following the hints and traces on the screen, find and pick up the tools (if the tool is found just click the mouse, it goes to the toolbar on the right top of the screen). Then use the proper tool correctly. (When you want to use a tool, just point to it and drag the tool to the right place by mouse.) After getting over several obstacles, you will get out of the devildom and pass successfully.
Devildom Escape
Devildom Escape
Version 1.1
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